Polymer Research:

Communicating Current Advances, Contributions, Applications and Educational Aspects

Polymer Science Book Series #2 - Ebook

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Advances of photo-initiated polymerization: kinetics, fundamental and biomedical applications
A. Jui-Teng Lin

Direct fluorination of polymer insulation for HVDC cable accessory
B. X. Du, Z. L. Li, J. Li and M. Xiao

Modification of Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fibers to improve affinity to anionic components
Muhammad Umair Khan and Boris Mahltig

Polymers and nanotechnology, the new face of bioactive edible coatings
N. M. De la Fuente-Salcido, A. M. Alejo-Andrade, K. M. Favela González and J. E. Marszalek

Polyvinylbutyral (PVB) coatings for optical modification of textile substrates
T. Grethe, A. Schwarz-Pfeiffer, C. Grassmann, E. Engelhardt, S. Feld, F. Guo, M. De Vrieze, B. Mahltig

Recycled polystyrene used as support of iron oxide nanoparticles elaborated by green synthesis, and its application in wastewater treatment
C. De León-Condés, G. Roa-Morales, G. Martínez-Barrera, P. Balderas-Hernández, C. Menchaca-Campos and F. Ureña-Núñez

Synthesis and characterization of GAP-based mesoporous energetic polymers
Guoping Li, Haoxue Dong, Menghui Liu, Min Xia, Chunpeng Chai, Yunjun Luo

Synthesis, Characterization and Swelling behavior of superabsorbent hydrogel, H-Na-PCMSA-g-PAN
Jignesh H. Trivedi, and Mitesh K. Prajapati

Topological "Interfacial" Polymer Chemistry
Takeru Yunoki, Shuhei Hirayama and Atsuhiro Fujimori

Water vapor permeability of nonwoven fabric coated with thermosensitive polyurethane films obtained from isophorone diisocyanate and polyester or polyether polyol
A. Morel, G. Bedek, D. Dupont and F Salaün

“Project Oriented Learning” and “Open Outcome Labs” in the Education of Young Researchers in Polymer Science and Technology
A. Kandelbauer and R. J. Lehnert